Internal training program brings information to all employees.

An internal train the trainer program was developed and implemented so assistants, analysts and coordinators could access training information, knowledge and improve alignment to the company’s strategy.


An Oil and Gas company in Latin America.


The rapid market required the company to rapidly adapt by implement improvement strategies that included systems and processes. The HR then realized that multiple employees were not receiving the necessary information and training. Thousands of dollars were being spent with external consultants and services over the years, plus the internal cost of hours exclusively spent on workshops.


The company first identified the problem, and the PMO consultants were involved in helping analyze the cause and propose a solution. The consultants identified that the company needed to get the skills and information transferred quickly across the company using a standardized process, thus developing an internal train the trainer program. This program would build employee sense of ownership, fostering improved productivity and information consistency. PMO consultants identified business needs, success criteria, stakeholders’ requirements, vendors who could partner with the organization and developed the trainer program, incorporating elements from existing training and best practices specific to the business environment. Consultants also set schedule, budget, and resource calendars, in addition to controlling risks and issues.


A train the trainer program was conducted to approximately 10% of employees, information was multiplied across the company, stakeholders were satisfied, and the training plan was implemented on time and budget. After the conclusion of the project, the process was transferred to operations continuously.

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