Our Services​ 

Our team includes expert Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management, NG 9-1-1 Implementation, Privacy Analysis and Cyber Security Assessments, IT Support Specialists, Communications & Public Relations. Our team of experts are here for your needs, no matter what they are. 

Check out our service offerings below. If there is a specific service your organization needs that you don’t see listed below, reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll find you the right resources.​


Personalized services – when and how you need them. Pay for what you use & avoid long, complicated contracts.​

Capstone-on-Demand gives you the ability to fill resource gaps as they happen. This is a unique service, where you, your business and your team have dedicated access to our in-house professionals. Each time you need one of our experts he or she is a phone call or e-mail away. With our dedicated support team behind you, you will benefit from on-call access to an experienced practitioner who is familiar with how your team works, your organizational culture and the projects rolling out to meet your strategy.​

Take advantage of our suite of services. You can choose to engage in a single service or ramp up as you need more support. ​
  • Avoid long, complicated contracts​ 
  • Engage through a monthly retainer​ 
  • Cancel anytime for refund of remaining retainer​ 
  • Receive weekly updates on engagement levels and​ 
  • There is no minimum engagement required, use one or all our resources as you need them.​ 
  • Respond to emerging challenges, team capacity issues and other problems with experienced business resources.​ ​
Say goodbye to repeated interviews and onboarding. Say hello to professional services when you need them with ​ Capstone-on-Demand.​ ​ ​