PMO Broker helps you select the right tool for your team.

Using our team of experts, Capstone will work with you by combing through the wide variety of project management platforms until we find the solution that best fits your needs.

Need A New Solution For Your Business?

Through Capstone's proven PMO Broker process and our team's extensive knowledge of the numerous platforms available today, we will find the best solution for you by:

  • Conducting a maturity assessment and needs analysis
  • Analyzing your current state technology infrastructure
  • Determining future state requirements
  • Recommending a preferred PMO technology as well as any training required

PMO Broker doesn't end there. If you choose, Capstone can also assist you with the implementation of your newly acquired project management platform. This includes:

  • Implementation partner identification and approach
  • Project planning and execution, deliverables tracking, performance and progress reporting
  • Change management to ensure awareness, adoption and sustained use of the platform