Privacy Specialists

A Privacy Specialist manages the legal and operational risks around sensitive and critical information assets by assessing business operations on a continual basis, developing the right policies, procedures, and training programs, and overseeing all data agreements. Privacy Specialists might focus on the general operations of a business, or on privacy as it relates to specific projects. The responsibilities of a Privacy Specialist can include:

  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy and protection regulations.
  • Answering queries on global data privacy processing and protection requirements from internal stakeholders.
  • Conducting compliance gap analysis and readiness assessments for upcoming policy changes.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation, privacy notices, privacy statements, SOPs, work instructions and guidance notes in cooperation with legal teams.
  • Managing any data subject request process that the organization has.
  • Collecting and maintaining records of processing activities.
  • Preparing reports on regulatory compliance.
  • Escalating any potential data breaches for investigation and resolution.
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